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  • So you need a PR Strategy

    Do you need an announcement targeted at the right audience?
    Do you have an event you want promoting?
    Is there a potential crisis you need strategically managing?
    Are you an individual who needs a public profiling programme?
    If you relate to any of the above, you’re on the right page!

    PRM Sport will cover your requirements with a series of disciplines tailored to you or your company. There are no set rules, no ‘off the self’ packages to choose from, we’ll simply discuss what you’re looking to achieve and deliver an appropriate programme.

  • Press Relations

    Good contacts and great relationships across all media platforms is key to any successful campaign – and we have ‘em!

    Our regional, national and international database of media organisations, their journalists, editors and producers, is complimented by 30 years of personal contacts. At PRM, we know we can pick up the phone and discuss an option directly with the people who will cover the story. That way, we know, we’re delivering a piece of news that works for you and is interesting enough for them to cover.

  • Event Management

    A successful event starts with a plan. Writing a quick press release, organising an
    off-the-cuff press conference and answering questions you’re not prepared for, is simply not enough. PRM has delivered press events and activities across the world. We understand what it takes to get someone’s interest and we know what it takes to ensure the messaging maximises the opportunity.
    You only have one chance to get it right.

  • Video/TV Production

    A lifetime in and around TV allows us to be pretty confident we know how to put a promotional feature together. From the planning and storyboard stage, the shoot and edit and finally, its visibility. We engage international broadcast standard camera operators, producers and editors in a way that matches your budget and your expectations. Whether its intended for social media use or for distribution as international newsreel, the package will be tailored exactly as you want it and our relationship with TV companies and distribution houses will maximise its visibility with a potential reach to a global audience.

  • Script writing, Presentation and media training.

    How many times have you listened to someone trying to be funny during a speech…. and they’re not? What about the occasions when you’ve wondered what on earth someone is talking about? We bet you’ve simply lost interest which means they’re wasting their time.

    The art of targeting your message, presenting it properly and being ready to answer the difficult questions, is integral to the success of your personal appearance or your company’s announcement.

    ‘Fail to prepare and prepare to fail’ is a well-worn phrase but PRM can help you ‘prepare to succeed’ with a number of options that include informal consultation, content collation and formal media training.

  • Marketing Services.

    PRM has always believed that a solid PR programme paves the way for a successful marketing campaign. Then again, in our experience, the marketeers would tell you its the marketing campaign that delivers the PR opportunity!
    Whatever your view, PR and Marketing go hand-in-hand to produce a full communications’ programme and sometimes, having one without the other just doesn’t work.

    At PRM, we use marketing associates who have operated at the same levels as us to deliver high profile marketing campaigns. And here’s the deal…. We won’t pretend we’re providing it for you ourselves, we’ll tell you what we’re doing and who we’re using on your behalf. That way, we have nothing to hide and you get maximum impact from a co-ordinated, single package. Yes of course you could simply go and hire them yourself….. But we know where they live!